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Machine Shop

Mason’s Auto Parts Has A Machine Shop

Automotive Machine Shop in Akron, Ohio

Full service machine shop in Akron, OH

When you don’t want to do it yourself—or when you can’t do it
yourself—Mason’s Automotive Machine Shop in Akron, Ohio, can handle
virtually any repair or service for you, from a brake adjustment to a
complete cylinder head repair. Our mechanics service cars and trucks,
both foreign and domestic.

Can’t get those valve seats and guides installed? Our team can handle
it. Can’t find the time to turn your rotors? We can get you in. Call our
shop to take care of that Fel Pro gasket. No job is too complicated. Our
professionals are experts in 3 angle valve jobs, head milling and
cracked engine block repairs. Their experience ranges from handling hot
tank cleaning/glass beading to resurfaced fly wheels and sealed power
engine parts.

For unmatched knowledge and service, trust the team of mechanics at
Mason’s Automotive Machine Shop. We get you in quickly, take care of
your vehicle efficiently and get you on your way to handle those
important things in life.

Since 1936, Mason’s Automotive Machine Shop in Akron, Ohio, has serviced
the cars and trucks of the greater Akron area. Call us today.

  • Complete cylinder head service
  • Crank turning
  • Foreign and domestic
  • Boring
  • 3 Angle valve jobs
  • Valve seats and guides installed
  • Rotors turned

  • Head milling
  • Crack repair on blocks
  • Hot tank cleaning/glass beading
  • Resurfaced fly wheels
  • Sealed power engine parts
  • Fel Pro gaskets

If you have any additional questions about our Machine Shop in Akron, Ohio, contact us.

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