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Mason’s Auto Parts Store

Most customers seek out part dealers who offer convenience, quality, service and low pricing. And that’s just what you’ll find when you come to Mason’s Auto Parts.

Since 1936 we’ve been providing the greater Akron, OH area with quality parts and unbeatable service.

While some might say it’s a real challenge to compete with so many of the big box and franchise automobile part dealers in the Summit County area, it’s no sweat off our brow.

Our competitive pricing further distinguishes us from the rest of the stores and stands as another example of our complete dedication to our customers’ needs. If anything, we give the big name parts and supply stores a run for their money with our top-quality brand name parts and friendly customer service.

Our inventory of body shop supplies and accessories is impressive to say the least. Seldom does a customer come to Mason’s and not find what they are looking for. But, should a certain item or part be currently out of stock, there’s no doubt that Mason’s Auto Parts will go the extra mile to get their customers exactly what they need, as quickly as possible.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is second to none!

If you’re tired of dealing with auto parts stores that don’t give you your money’s worth or running into unknowledgeable sales people, come experience the Mason’s difference – an automotive parts dealer who is passionate about their business and their customers!

We look forward to meeting your needs and exceeding your expectations for car and truck parts in Akron, Ohio.

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1494 Massillon Road, Akron, OH 44306
(1/4 Mile South of Route 224 & Air Dock)

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